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Let "Trend Testers" Answer the Beauty Questions You're Too Afraid to Ask

Bravo's new digital series will explore the darkest corners of your beauty cabinet.

Will that Freddy-Krueger-style mask make your skin glow like J-Lo's? Can anyone who's not Bella Hadid pull off a glitter lip? And, do I really have time for a ten-step skincare routine? If you find yourself pondering these deep beauty questions and more, you're not alone.

At Bravo HQ, we have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to new, celebrity-approved beauty trends—and we're on a mission to try each one of them. Want to join us? Then check back here every Tuesday. 

Our new digital series "Trend Testers" is set to launch this summer. Each Tuesday, we'll show you what happens when we use ourselves as guinea pigs to try out the most dubious beauty crazes. Prepare yourself for some laughs—and excellent beauty hacks—along the way. And to get a sneak peek at the series, check out the teaser above. 

See you back here soon for skincare tips and more! 

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