These Little Kids Are Experiencing Bunnies, Chinchillas, and Sheep for the First Time

This video guarantees smiles.

Here at Unleashed, we try to bring you a wide variety of animal content. From rescue stories to animal-themed quizzes to Bravolebs’ adorable pets (side note: If you haven’t checked out Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos’ new puppy named Dudley you are seriously missing out!), it is our primary goal in life to bring you joy in animal form.

And what is the only thing purer than animals? LITTLE KIDS. Which is why we pretty much guarantee that this video will make your Friday with its explosive levels of cuteness.

HiHo Kids is an adorable YouTube channel dedicated to highlighting children experiencing things for the first time—and today, they’ve brought in a full petting zoo. As the kids squeeze bunnies and chinchillas and pet wooly sheep, they also drop bon mots such as “I never seen so much bunnies before” and “Her name’s Sweet Pea and her middle name is Stephen Curry.”


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