Record for Longest Uber Ride Ever Goes to This Woman Desperate to See Her Boyfriend

She spent $300 and eight hours traveling from Virginia to Brooklyn to reach her man.

Sure, love is priceless, but is it also worthy of a nearly eight-hour, $300 Uber ride from Virginia to New York? That's exactly what happened when driver Janis Rogers picked up a local passenger, who looked to a woman about 19 or 20 years old, in Virginia... and schlepped her about 400 miles to Brooklyn, New York to see her boyfriend. If you're wondering, yes, that's the longest recorded Uber ride of all time.

According to The New York Post, neither the driver nor the passenger stopped for a bathroom break, either. If you're wondering exactly what it might cost to take a ride from Williamsburg, Virginia to Bedford Stuyvestant, Brooklyn, it actually might strike you as shockingly affordable: just $294.09.

Sure, a plane trip from the origin location might've been even more cost effective: The cheapest same-day flight we found from Richmond International Airport to JFK came in at $271 — and travel time is three hours 57 minutes... even with a stop in Boston. With just a week's planning time, JetBlue will get you from Richmond to LaGuardia for $201.

However — booking a flight online, especially one with advance notice, is less urgent and romantic than just going in a car right now. Plus, there's the whole security rigamarole too, and that's kind of a love buzzkill.

Driver Rogers had to make the trip back home, too, and shell out $32 for gas and tolls (forget about eating or drinking), which landed her total time investment for the longest Uber trip ever at 15.5 hours, a growling stomach, and the realization that she made only nine dollars per hour when all was considered.

"This was not lucrative,” she said to the Post. “I did it because it was an adventure.”

The adventure, according to her account, was mostly toting a young, sleeping woman in the backseat of a Toyota Prius up the Atlantic coast.

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