Hello, Are You in Need of Some Free Hugs from a Cute Dog Today?

Proof that New York City is truly the greatest city on earth.

To quote those great poets of our generation, Jay Z and Alicia Keys: “In New York / concrete jungle where dreams are made of / there’s nothing you can’t do.” Every day this proves truer, and today is no exception, for today we tell tale of a dog who hangs out on a street corner near Union Square and gives hugs to random passersby.

Louboutina—Loubie for short—is a five-year-old golden retriever who hangs out on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 17th Street with her owner, Cesar, and kindly embraces strangers in need of some puppy love. See? There is literally no experience you can’t have in this great, strange city.

And so may we recommend, on your next outing, you get off at the Union Square train stop, walk a block to the west, and give yourself the treat you deserve: what will certainly be the most memorable hug of your life.

Check out some photos of Loubie in action below.

Sending a hug to all my Nasty Women 💪🏼 You marched today all over the world for 💗💗💗💗

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Repost from @weratedogs This is Loubie. She hugs everyone she meets. 12/10 keep spreading the love Loubie (IG @louboutinanyc)

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

#tbt 2015 - Multitasking: Hugging and posing for dad 📱🐶

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Dont be scared of me NYC! I'm not a bedbug 👹, but a friendly hugging ladybug this time 🐞

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Repost from @little_blind Mr. steal yo girl @louboutinanyc

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

[H/T: Time Out New York]

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