Someone Deserves a Medal for Creating This Low-Carb BLT Sushi

It's a BLT sandwich without the bread.

Rules were meant to be broken. And that’s never truer than in the Wild West of the food world, where chefs are always willing to toss the rules to the side in order to create outlandish new dishes.

Sometimes venturing into the unknown works out brilliantly, and we get to incorporate birthday cake croissants or stacks of Oreo pancakes into our lives. But other times, the results are so heinous we have to question what we did to deserve such punishment as we shake our fist at the sky.

Either way, food history is rarely made by those unwilling to take risks, so it’s encouraging any time someone steps out of the box to take a crack at transforming a classic dish into something brand new.

Enter BLT sushi.

Created by the fine folks at Delish, this dish cleverly manages to deliver all the delicious ingredients of a classic BLT, minus the bread, by creating a bacon roll-up filled with mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

The dish starts by weaving a bacon quilt (without a doubt the best kind of quilt) and baking it just enough so that it retains its flexibility. Next, you pile your L, your T, and your mayo onto that crispy bacon quilt and roll it up tight. Slice your BLT log into appropriately thick pieces (there’s no wrong size) and voilà: BLT sushi.

Check out the video below, grab some bacon strips, and get to work.

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