Madonna Has An Incredibly Bizarre Bath Ritual—And We Totally Want To Try It

Madge doesn't play around with boring old bubble-bath solution. 

The OG Material Girl opted out of Coachella this year, deciding to use the weekend for a little relaxation instead. Madonna was all of us when she decided to get some rest by pouring a glass of vino and sinking into a hot bath. What she filled that bath with, however, was more Italian chef than we'll ever be.

The singer posted a video that gave us a peek of her intriguing—and wholly original—bath-time ritual. The first thing you will notice: a slew of verdantly green, floating leaves.

"Bathing in fresh [basil]," the singer noted in her caption. Her ritual also included a pour of Puglia wine, and the application of finishing cream from her MDNA skincare line. Can you imagine a better-smelling beauty ritual? It's not only about the fragrance, though.

"Bathing in fresh herbs, dried herbs, or herbal essential oils is a great way to infuse the water and the steam with the benefits of the plant," said Erica Vega, senior brand and product trainer for Lush. "A bath full of fresh basil can help fight fatigue, improve circulation, and relieves stress, while other ingredients like lavender can help you relax before bed."

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