“Make America Kittens Again” Replaces Trump with Kittens

Because we can all agree: KITTENS FOR PRESIDENT.

No matter how you voted in the election, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about Donald Trump. The man has dominated the news cycle for well over a year, and—politics aside—we’ve all just about reached our Trump limit. But much to the president-elect’s chagrin, we can’t control the media.

Or can’t we?!

New Chrome extension “Make America Kittens Again” aims to uplift the news cycle by replacing pictures of Donald Trump with pictures of kittens. The extension crawls headlines, and when it finds Trump’s name, it instantly replaces the related photo with a cute, snuggly kitten. Simply install the extension into your Chrome browser and voila!

“Donald Trump Is Choosing His Cabinet. Here’s the Latest List.” Um, I’m not even gonna bother clicking that because I can already see, clear as day, that he has selected some sleepy kittens, and I wholly approve of his choices!

“How Hard (or Easy) It Will Be for Trump to Fulfill His 100-Day Plan.” Well, according to the photo, his 100-day plan involves a bunch of kittens on some turntables—so I guess it depends on how well-trained the kittens are and how expertly he expects them to DJ.

“How to Know What Donald Trump Really Cares About.” …he cares about a cardboard box full of orange and white kittens?! No wonder he won the election!!!

The extension is not foolproof—it doesn’t work on Facebook, for example—but even the occasional kitten picture swap is enough to improve the news. Kittens 2020!

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