Man Finds Out "Missing" Wife Is Alive and Well, Living It Up In New York

No she wasn't kidnapped. She's enjoying a sidewalk pretzel. 

An Italian businessman who believed his gorgeous model wife disappeared and likely died in July, has discovered she faced a very different fate. 

Former Miss Ukraine Anna Zaiachkivska mysteriously vanished over the summer, saying she was “going outside for some fresh air,” and when she didn’t return Gianluca Cervara feared the worst. But the fresh air she was talking about was in New York City, where she next popped up according to her Instagram. And she was’t in danger. In fact she was living it up, touring the city and making cool abstract paintings.

My first style of paintings❣#time #art #religious #meaning #life #love #dream #happy #peace #hearts #jesuscristo

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She was also involved with a new man

#friends #like4like #evening #time #nyc #dinner #best #conversation #magic #america #love #life #zaia

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“Your Husband in Milan And Parents say thank You for Be in New York with address Of another Man,” he wrote alongside social media photos the 24-year-old posted after leaving Italy.

“Wooooow Married escape without Tell And with fake address in New York!!” he wrote on another picture of her living it up. 

#zaia #life #love #travel #america #goodmoments #missukraine #day #happy #freedom #time #way

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The two had married on Dec. 22, 2015, at an Italian registry office, and had a prenup. Now Gianluca is suing his bride, claiming she stole $7,000 and a cell phone from him before her trip. 

Anna, who was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2013, told Ukrainian website, that her husband had become abusive and she needed to escape. 

“He raised his hands against me,” she said, adding that the first time he allegedly put his hands on her she fled to her parents house in the Ukraine. 

“He came to get me, and I gave him a second chance, but during an argument he spat in my face, and I simply could not take it,” she said. “I had headaches for a week but Gianluca did not care about it. Finally I decided I needed to make changes as I was fed up of living in a golden cage and I ran away.”

#ukraine #freedom #happy #home #earrings #special #dream #smallvictories #zaia#love#life

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Just a few days before she vanished, Anna wrote on his Facebook page: “My amazing Gianluca Cervara, thank you that I can be your flower and part of the family.”

Her Instagram is now filled with amazing shots of her time in New York City—many include the hashtag “freedom.”

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