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Dude is So Excited to Introduce New Puppy, He Inserts Him in “The Lion King” Scene


Do you remember the moment you adopted your pet? You were so overcome with joy and excitement, you probably took a million photos and videos and posted them all over social media and sent them to everyone you know? You most likely declared your new furry friend “the cutest of all time,” and demanded that friends and family come for meet’n’greet ASAP?

Well that’s pretty good. But it’s nowhere near as good as what a guy named Andy did for his new Goldendoodle, Charlie Kelly (named, of course, from the inimitable Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Andy was so excited to introduce Charlie Kelly to the world that he straight-up recreated the epic Simba introduction scene from The Lion King on a green screen—replacing the royal cub with his new pupper—and inserted themselves into the film.

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