Jealous Man Tries To Stop Girlfriend From Traveling By Saying She's Got a Bomb

Not she's the bomb. She's got one. 

Love can make you crazy, but if you’re already crazy then love can make you tell the FBI that your girlfriend is strapped with a bomb on a plane when she was just looking for a nice little vacay.

A Queens man was busted for calling in a fake bomb threat against a Caribbean Airlines flight to prevent his special lady friend from traveling to Guyana—and it worked. 

"It's just jealousy," the girlfriend told the New York Daily News. "We're back together. I forgive him."

Danesh Gomanie, 33, a mechanic for a private company at Kennedy Airport, was charged with calling 911 on July 27 and announcing to the operator that there was a woman (who happened to look just like his girlfriend) traveling to Guyana on flight No. 527 from Kennedy Airport on July 29—and she would be equipped with either a bomb or drugs. He gave up his girlfriend’s name and Customs and Border Protection officers found her on the flight. Then the FBI traced the cell number straight to the source. 

When the FBI came to arrest the man Tuesday morning, he was in bed with his girlfriend. The two were reunited outside Brooklyn Federal Court this week after he was released on $20,000 bail. 

In the end, he admitted he was jealous. And drunk. He said after a few beers, he started to believe his lady would fall back in love with her ex-husband, who lives in Guyana. 

Danesh will now be living with his father in Jamaica, Queens, as a condition of his release.

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