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Man With One Week To Live Marries Girlfriend In Hospital Ceremony

He also got to see his granddaughter for the very first time. 

A man who discovered he had just one week to live has married his girlfriend in the hospital.

Originally set to tie the knot in a few months, Darren Sisk, 47, received news from his doctor that 16 years after battling Hodgkin's lymphoma, it had turned and he would not survive it this time.

He began having stomach pains, which he ignored, but on June 20, it was too much to bear. He was sent to an emergency room near his Vancouver, Washington home where he was told he had anywhere from six months to two years to live.

But after more tests, doctors concluded that the cancer had returned, and that Darren would most likely not make it past a week.

He wanted to marry his fiancee, Crickett, 56, right away. The two met a decade ago after he saved her grandson from getting hit by a car, and lost his leg doing so. The nurses at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center wanted to fulfill his wish, so they made it happen in Daren’s hospital room. Crickett’s dress had already been chosen, so they married on July 4 in front of hospital staff and a dozen family members.

“Everyone in the room was happy for him because he was getting his wish, but it was hard to enjoy it knowing it will be our last celebration together,” Chialeah Sisk told Today

Darren also got to kind of meet his granddaughter. His daughter, Jayleen Sisk, who is pregnant and due in September, surprised her dad with an ultrasound of the baby so he could see his granddaughter.

"I know it meant the world to him and I'll never forget the look on his face when my sister's baby showed up on the screen," Chialeah Sisk said.

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