Mario Batali's Boxed Wine Taste-Test on Jimmy Fallon Was a Total Sham

We're calling for a rematch.

Oh, boxed wine. It gets a bad rap, but does packaging really make any difference when it comes to how a wine tastes ? If given a taste test between a decent boxed wine and a glass of something pricier, could you really tell the difference? 

What if the “you” in question were a well-regarded Italian chef put to the task in front of a live studio audience?

Jimmy Fallon set out to answer that very question this week, when Mario Batali stopped by The Tonight Show. The two had an enjoyable culinary discussion before landing on a probably-not-spontaneous debate about the differences between cheap and expensive wine. Once Batali more-or-less made it clear he could tell the difference between the two, Fallon invited the chef to join him for a blind taste test pitting a glass of expensive wine (from a bottle) against a glass of probably-not-so-expensive wine (from a box).

How did that go? Luckily for Batali, who was blindfolded, Tonight Show announcer and taste-test-moderator Steve Higgins decided to douse a blindfolded Fallon with a glass full of wine during the first taste test. Then the test moved on to the second glass, at which point Higgins handed Mario Batali a mug full of wine to launch at Jimmy’s face.

So which wine won out? A soaked and purple Fallon impressively managed to correctly identify the 2nd wine as the pricier glass, but the real winner has to be Batali. He stayed dry and, if you pay close attention, you'll notice he managed to both avoid making the decision and avoid drinking the boxed wine all together.

Very smooth.

But we're calling for a rematch.


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