Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates Dog’s 6th Birthday with an INSANE Gift


Yay! It’s your dog’s birthday! How do you celebrate? Maybe you buy him a bone, or perhaps a special doggie cupcake. Or maybe you go a little over-the-top and throw him an intimate birthday party with his best dog friends!

Or, if you’re bajillionaire Mark Zuckerberg, you commission an artist to design a personalized sculpture in virtual reality and then 3D print it, as he did for his dog Beast’s six birthday.

While we’re not entirely sure what that means, here is what we’ve gleaned from the video (which you can watch below): An artist studied Beast, then virtually sculpted her with virtual clay in a virtual reality, then saved that virtual sculpture as a file, and sent that file to a 3D printer to have it printed in reality. AS YOU DO.

Makes that Kong you gave your dog seem a li'l old fashioned huh?

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