Mark Zuckerberg Slayed Animals for His Dinner? Scary Food Habits of the Most Successful People Ever

Einstein was reportedly snacking on bugs way before it became trendy.

We’ve taken a good hard look at celebrity eating habits before. There was Tim Tebow’s complicated coffee order. Rihanna’s love of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.  Tom Brady denying he’s ever eaten a strawberry.   

But for whatever reason, no matter how many A-lister diets we learn about, we're always hungry for more. That’s why we were pumped when DesignTaxi shared this infographic from Unum, delightfully revealing the dietary restrictions followed by some of the most successful people in history.

Take a look at a few of our favorites below, and check out the full infographic here

Mark Zuckerberg

Call him a Zuckervore (yes, we know technically that would mean he eats Zuckerbergs), because the Facebook Founder made a bold pledge in 2011 to only eat meat that he killed himself. Though he did as a result slaughter goats, chickens and a pig, this pledge had two eventual outcomes:

1)    He adopted a mostly vegetarian diet.

2)    He dropped the practice after a year.

Albert Einstein

We already know what Einstein (pictured below) ate for breakfast: a big bowl of brain food. Which, for him, was mostly fried eggs with mushrooms. The infographic also reveals that his driver once caught him snacking on a grasshopper, which seems dumb at first, but considering the protein benefits, may just be further evidence of his genius.

Patricia Highsmith

Now here is a successful person who knew that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. The author reportedly would enjoy a well-balanced breakfast of cigarettes, coffee and donuts before spending the rest of the day consuming only bacon, fried eggs and cereal. Ron Swanson would be proud.

Steve Jobs

Thanks to numerous books, interviews and several biopics, there’s not a whole lot left to discover about the late Apple founder. That’s why you may or may not be surprised to learn about his fondness for obsessively eating one single food for weeks at a time. Jobs apparently held the belief that this way of eating prevented body odor and meant he could shower just once a week.

We…kind of doubt it works that way. But if you've tried it, do let us know.

(via FoodRepublic)

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