Married Man (Oddly) Loves Marriage, Pens Public Love Letter To His Wife About Why

He's proud to be faithful to the same person. 

Men have a certain reputation when it comes to complaining about being married. (The ol' ball and chain, etc.) But one guy is changing that with a Facebook post dedicated to his wife, in which he says he has no regrets and nothing but good feelings about his commitment. 

Author and entrepreneur Dale Partridge took to Facebook to gush why marriage to "only one woman" never gets boring. He (wisely) says his better half is a “woman of wisdom,” and lists her many positive attributes in the sweet post. 

“Men are so worried that marriage will leave them with ‘only one woman’ for the rest of their lives. That’s simply not true. I fell in love with a 19-year-old rock climber, married a 20-year-old animal lover, started a family with a 24-year-old mother, then built a farm with a 25-year-old homemaker, and today I’m married to a 27-year-old woman of wisdom. If your mind is healthy, you’ll never get tired of ‘one woman.’ You’ll actually become overwhelmed with how many beautiful versions of her you get to marry over the years. Don’t say no to marriage, say yes and keep saying yes until the day you die. #DaleyWisdom"

The post has nearly 300,000 shares, with other men weighing in with sweet statements of their own. 

“Been married to the same old gal for nearly 40 years, why in the hell would many one want more than one woman. She has been all I want or need as long as I can remember,” wrote one man. 

Another wrote: “No offense dawg, but this is some seriously cheesy cornball writing. And it puts in to words exactly what I was feeling staring at my wife earlier tonight. I fall in love with her every other day or week because of what you wrote here. Stop cutting onions on me bro. For reals.”

Another wrote: “I’ve only ever had and will only ever have one awesome woman who has blessed me with 45 years and counting. She says, if I play my cards right, we might make 46…”

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