The Puppy Bowl – Puppies + Kittens x NCAA Basketball Championship = Meow Madness

We demand to know why we haven’t heard of this before.


If we have learned anything at all from the Puppy Bowl, it’s that major sporting events are about a jillion times more interesting when the players are replaced with baby animals and the scoring is made totally arbitrary as said baby animals just have a grand ol’ time running around.

So it’s actually rather surprising that it took this long for Meow Madness to happen. The Hallmark Channel—which is also known for its annual Kitten Bowl—will air the furry tourney on April 3 at 8 P.M. The final four teams in contention? The University of Fish-igan Catfish, the University of North Cat-Alina Micemen, the University of Wis-Cat-Son Panthers, and the University of Cinci-Catty Wildcats.

As with the Kitten Bowl, all of the players are adoptable from the North Shore Animal League America, and the game will be hosted by animal advocate and North Shore spokesman Beth Stern. Here’s a glimpse at the game:

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