The Mer-Corgi is the Mythological Designer Dog Breed You Never Knew Existed

This dog just won cross-breeding. 

We really thought we had hit the Corgi-mix jackpot when we first saw the Horgi (a Husky-Corgi blend), and then the Borgi (a Border Collie-Corgi blend). But nothing could prepare us for the mind-bending cuteness of the hottest new designer breed: The Mer-Corgi.

Science has taken the Corgi-breeding trend further than we ever imagined possible by mixing everyone’s favorite sausage-shaped pooch with a mythological half-human, half-fish. The result is something so beautiful, something so majestic, that it hardly seems real at all. In fact, it requires a true suspension of disbelief to not simply say, “Hey dummies, that’s just a normal Corgi wearing a costume mermaid tail.”

Of course, we know for a fact that this mix is real because this video of the Thailand-based Mer-Corgi comes with its own theme song. Rough translation courtesy of Google:

2 pretty sharks swimming in the water

What did I say that prince left, huhu

2 cutie fins, Ariel in the sea

Too fat so the prince left, huhu

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