We Tried the Crazy Microwave Potato Chips Hack and Here's What Happened

Yes, your microwave can actually "fry" potato slices with almost no oil. Who knew?

If you've been devoted enough to your resolution to actually cut down on excess calories and the, well, junkiness in your junk food, good news: The internet has given birth to a DIY microwave potato chips hack that actually works pretty well. Even better, anyone with half a brain can do it (sort of like this microwave mug pizza hack).

The recipe starts out by calling for thinly sliced potatoes arranged on a microwave-safe plate. Easy enough.

The only other ingredients are a few spritzes of cooking spray (yes, you really need it) and some salt. This is a good opportunity to unleash your inner salt bae, obviously.

The rest is fairly simple. Pop your plate in the micro and set it to two-and-a-half to three minutes on high. Remove the plate, flip your chips, and pop the plate back in for another two-and-a-half to three minutes. Now, here's what the recipe doesn't tell you, but we will:

You definitely need to let your nearly fat-free chips cool down for a few minutes so more moisture can evaporate and they can stiffen up, because they're a little floppy when they first emerge. You'll also prevent an awful burn in your mouth this way, and, scientifically speaking, your plate will be about a gajillion degrees when you remove it from the microwave. Definitely grab an oven mitt first.

Let's talk about the final result, shall we? It's pretty good for a "healthy" potato chip, but definitely not what you'd expect from a truly deep-fried potato. That's okay though, because if it tastes too perfect then you probably used way too much oil. If you're a carbaholic with a love of the savory, this is a great hack to satisfy your deepest urges, and could benefit from your chip personalization. Perhaps using a spritz of herb-infused oil (or truffle oil, if you're so inclined) iwould make them more exciting (you can use all the money you saved on not buying a professional air fryer for the truffles, and you're welcome). Also, after many attempts with this recipe we learned that like everything else in life, size does matter. The size of your plate, specifically, so use a big one.

The good news, though, is that somehow a truly golden brown crisp appears on the edges: proof of the universe's mysterious ways.

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