Millennials Like to Eat This Food After a One-Night Stand, According to a Very Official Yelp Survey

It could lead to a longer relationship, too.

You've just hooked up with the man or woman of your dreams—at least, for tonight. But all that action really worked up your appetites. What do you eat in order to satisfy that post-coital hunger?

If you're a millennial (or even if you're not, we suspect), the answer is overwhelmingly pizza, according to a recent Yelp survey of 2,000 single millennials. Tacos came in a "distant second," as reported by TODAY.

And if you want to turn this one-night stand into something more substantial, pizza could be the key, too. According to Yelp, "46 percent of single millennials find a fling more attractive if they are into certain foods." What are those foods, you might ask? Pizza was again the most popular, followed by ice cream, pasta, and tacos.

But while you're noshing with your new honey, make sure to avoid these two food etiquette faux pas—chewing loudly or with your mouth open. According to the survey, those were the top eating habits that would make someone turn down a date.

So chow down on that pepperoni pie, but mind your food manners. And maybe skip the knife and fork, too.

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