Minnie Driver Gushes Over Almost Mother-In-Law Barbra Streisand (Because, Rules)

The actress says Babs was "the best part of the relationship" with ex-fiancé Josh Brolin.

Minnie Driver knows better than to diss American icon/ultimate diva Barbra Streisand—in fact, it sounds like she really likes her. (For real.)

Who would dare cross her? Here is Babs in all her glory.

The actress was on Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen took a call from a viewer who wisely asked about what it was like to be in the vicinity of Babs.

Minnie was engaged to Josh Brolin, whose father James Brolin is of course married to the singer with the voice like buttah! Minnie and Josh broke up in October 2001 after three years of dating.

Here is Babs after she found true love with a handsome devil of a man.

Andy asks, "I don’t want this to sound too personal, but I always wondered if Barbra Streisand was taking over the planning of your wedding to Josh Brolin, how close is that to the truth?"

Minnie gushed about her almost mother-in-law, saying, "Not even vaguely close. She was the most wonderful almost mother-in-law. Absolutely divine. There was...it was created by the media. It was utter nonsense." 

Andy said what everyone was thinking, saying, "one would think that having her as a mother-in-law would be intimidating or something else…"

"Not even slightly, she is funny and great and an icon…and she was frankly the best part of our relationship," says Minnie. "She’s awesome, I love her."

And she admits to listening to Babs’ tunes. 

“Yes! [I have her on my iPod.]”

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