Cuter Than Ryan Gosling in La La Land: Meet Miso the Singing Chihuahua

The day has just begun / It’s another day of snacks

Y’know, there are some things that will just never make sense in this world. Who built the Great Pyramid of Giza? What’s really going on at Area 51? Why does Brittany Cartwright put up with Jax? And why, oh why, does this little Chihuahua named Miso only have a paltry ~5K followers on Instagram?

Not that Miso cares. All she Miso wants is a sweet, sweet harmonica accompaniment so that she can sing her little heart out for minutes on end, hopefully to the tune of a well-deserved treat. It’s nothing short of true, melodious beauty—a Top 40 hit in the making, if we ever heard one—and we can’t help but play it on repeat. As one very smart Instagram user commented, “Imma play this at my wedding.”

우려먹는 개인기

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