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This Cola and Liquid Nitrogen Soda Blows Every Other Mashup Away

Welcome to Feast Week! Today, we look at the mashups that made this such a deliciously weird year in food.

Every now and then a wacky-sounding food mashup turns out to be so stupendous, it makes our wildest, most embarrassing food fantasies come true. (Case in point: the Donut Ice Cream Cone.)

And other times? Well, other times those mashups feel like a dream that’s been twisted into a nightmarish hellscape and does nothing but prove humankind’s capacity for evil. (Case in point: the Popcornopolis Pita.)

But out of all the wonderful and terrifying combinations we’ve seen over the years, it’s not until today that we’ve discovered one that calls for army-grade safety gear, a vat of liquid nitrogen, and a likely trip to the ER.

Enter CrazyRussianHacker, aka Taras Kulakov, a YouTube star who has earned nearly two billion views since creating his channel in 2012. In the below video shared by GrubStreet, Kulakov shows the world the terrifyingly awesome consequences of adding liquid nitrogen to a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola and flipping it.

Let’s just say it makes Mentos look like child’s play.

Now let’s ignore the fact that Kulakov pours the -321 degree Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen into the bottle without the USDA Agricultural Research Service recommended hand protection — after all it seems like he knows his way around liquid nitrogen. And let’s ignore the fact that Kulakov has another seemingly self-contradicting video titled “Don’t Put Liquid Nitrogen Into Plastic Bottle.” Instead let’s recognize the pure shock and joy on his face when that spewing rocket geyser of Cola propelled itself into the heavens and realize he might not have been too sure what was going to happen either. But he did it anyway, and filmed the whole thing.

Crazy people and the Internet: truly the greatest mashup of all.

This week on The Feast, we’re celebrating all the inspiring, mind-blowing, over-the-top—and most of all, delicious—things that are catching our attention in the food and drink world. Stay tuned for must-watch videos, features on the chefs and innovators we love, tips on the most incredible Instagram accounts you should be following, and polls that let you vote on your favorites.

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