Don't Try This at Home: Mom Uses App to Order Pizza For the First Time, Receives This Very Sad Pie

Technology is a cruel mistress.

For older generations, mastering new technology always comes with a few speed bumps. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s painful. And sometimes it’s so mind-blowing, you’re not even sure what to think—or how exactly they pulled it off.

And that’s exactly the reaction we had when a Twitter user shared the results of his mother’s attempt at using the Domino’s app to order a pizza, as reported by Delish. Unfortunately, she somehow managed to order it without both sauce AND cheese, resulting in this post-apocalyptic nightmare pie:

People were shocked.

Many Twitter users quickly attacked the Tweet as #FAKENEWS, pointing out that you’d actually have to click several buttons in order to remove the cheese and sauce, making it a little less believable that it happened “by accident."

However, BJ’s very own mother jumped into the fray to assure the Twitter masses that this was indeed no hoax.

Still, skeptics abound. And while Domino’s doesn’t appear to have had anything to say about the very strange order, the social media geniuses at DiGiorno seized the opportunity to leverage BJ and his mother’s moment in the spotlight as an opportunity to point out the problems with delivery, and provide them with free frozen DiGiorno pizzas instead. (Cheese and sauce very much included.)

Who would have guessed the one pizza brand that would actually deliver for this family would be DiGiorno?

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