Mo'Nique on Her Open Marriage: "It Wasn't His Idea, It Was Mine"

The actress says "open" isn't what the world thinks it is. 

Mo’Nique has said in interviews that she has an open marriage with Sidney Hicks, so it’s no surprise she was so open about it. 

Her Rules:

Can one of them go on vacation with a lover?

“We don’t go on vacations with anyone other than our family,” Mo’Nique says. 

Is there a rule about the number of times you can sleep with someone outside of the marriage?

“No,” she says. 

Can you introduce a lover to the family?

“No,” she says. “Let me tell you what the rule is, so that everybody’s clear. The rule is simply honesty. And when you start asking people about their relationships, what about this one, what about that one? Often times we’re with people where we can’t say ‘this is how I’m feeling.’ And you find out that it’s so not about sex, it’s so not about can you be with other people, it’s simply about I won’t take any secrets to my grave, nor will he take any to his. And we’ve been married for a decade now. People say well how does that work, how does it happen? Try for yourself and find out. That’s it.”

Can they sleep with mutual friends?

“See here’s the thing. It’s not even about sleeping. It’s not even about that. When we first got into it, it was my idea. It was my idea because, when we first had the conversation it was because I was still in the midst of ‘I’m an entertainer. I’m a performer. I want to have it all.’ So I said, ‘I want to have an open marriage.’ And he said ‘Mo’Nique we’ve been best friends since the 10th grade, do you think that’s gonna stop us from loving one another?’ So it was just being able to sit down to have that dialogue to say hey let’s always make sure we’re open and honest. 

Now the world took it and said ‘Oh my God Mo’Nique will let that man sleep with anybody. Because she’s a fat girl and he’s a beautiful man. I’m like OK world, it wasn’t his idea, it was mine, but now, almost 11 years later, of course it has evolved. And it has evolved into this beautiful space of no secrets. No ‘what did you say, what did they say?’ It is dealing with your best friend, your lover, your daddy, your brother, every title that a man can have, my husband has for me.”

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