More and More Women Enjoying Being Single, While It's Making Men Sad

The "crazy cat lady" is a thing of the past. Cheers.

Three-quarters of women say they would rather be “alone, successful, and happy” than settle for the wrong partner, says a new study. 

Surprisingly of the men questioned, just 58 percent of those asked had a positive attitude about the single life, says the study, conducted by legal services company Avvo.

There are nearly 57 million adult single women in the U.S., says the report, which explains why single women are happier in 2016 than ever before. There’s been a cultural shift away from the “crazy cat lady” spinster image, to a more career-driven power woman, who puts herself before finding “the one.” And successful women tend to want a partner who has had equal success. In other words, she's not waiting around.

Women also are socializing more, and are having fulfilling friendships that meet their emotional needs

Also found in the study; half of single people aren’t dating, and more women than men are not dating. More single men than women are looking for love online. Three in 10 single Americans have tried dating online and most have been men.

“The online dating experience isn’t impressing most people,” reports the study. “Only one in five have had a lot of success with online dating. Many prefer a face-to-face romantic spark. Half of all American men and women think a face-to-face meeting is the best way to start a relationship.”

On cheating, the study found that “more men than women stray.”

“About one in four men have ever cheated in a relationship.”

Seventy percent of those surveyed believed in everlasting love.

“Relationship longevity is something Americans believe in. Most people, and especially women, believe relationships should last,” reports the findings. 

However, less than a quarter see marriage as a life goal, unlike in the past. 

“Only one in five Americans say marriage is something everyone should aspire to do,” says the study.  

Only 19 percent said marriage should be a goal everyone has in life.

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