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More Friends In The Workplace Equals More Money In Your Pocket

Nice guys and gals finish with the fattest paycheck, study says. 

Everyone knows who they have to be nice to at work. Although it may be difficult sometimes to plaster a smile on your face while you're screaming on the inside, you want to stay in the good graces of people in power. It not only makes for a pleasant office atmosphere, a new study says it can actually fatten up your paycheck. 

The study, published in the journal Personnel Psychology, claims the nicer we are to our co-workers, the more productive we are in our jobs. And more productivity equals getting a raise. So, it all starts with being pleasant. 

While many employees think chit-chatting about The Real Housewives of New York City, or Blac Chyna's pregnancy, or how the universe is expanding this very moment as we are sitting here in a chair discussing whether Mariah knows J.Lo or not takes away from work, the study shows the opposite is true. 

“In a study of insurance company employees, we found that the number of multiplex workplace friendships in one’s social network is positively associated with supervisor ratings of job performance,” the study says. 

A “multiplex relationship” is defined as “multifaceted relationships that superimpose friendship with work-focused interactions.”

“Because multiplex relationships tend to be more secure, enduring, supportive, and influential than other relationships, they engender a sense of respect, warmth, and personal regard, each of which is associated with positive emotional states,” the study states. “Multiplex workplace friendships are ‘life giving’ in that people in these relationships are likely to experience feelings of aliveness, vitality, positive arousal, and a sense of positive energy.”

As for the more money part—that can happen when more co-workers are rooting for you and supporting you. You also need to return the favor. If you lend an ear and act friendly too, then you’re also helping your co-worker. 

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