I'm Obsessed With These Slip-On Sneakers...And So Is Everyone Else

The latest shoe with a cult following is…    

Earlier this year I bought a pair of slip-on sneakers on a whim. During one of my many deep-dive Internet shopping “research” missions, I stumbled upon M. Gemi’s site, loved the look and design of The Cerchio, and thought “Why not?” Best. Decision. Ever.

First off, slip-on sneaks are never a bad idea. Whether you’re running errands or want a sleeker look for brunch (that doesn’t involve pinched toes or aching arches), this shoe checks all my boxes. Comfortable? Yep. Versatile? Oh, yeah. Trendy? You betcha. And on top of that, The Cerchio is also superbly made. Constructed of soft-as-butter, handwoven nubuck and a rubber sole, the sneaker is made in Italy and is the brainchild of Maria Gangemi (whom the company is named after) and a 63-year-old sneaker specialist named Paolo, who lives in Tuscany. Let’s say it together people: “Awwww!”

Given the quality and craftsmanship of the shoes, it’s price of $198—not cheap, but um, not Italian-hand-crafted-expensive, either—was surprising to me, but makes sense given the company’s direct-to-consumer online platform. So, when I recently discovered that The Cerchio has developed something of a cult following, it made a whole lot of sense. That’s right, the shoe is currently sold out in all five colors (I opted for natural, naturally!), and has a waitlist of more than 1,000 people. I talked to Gangemi, who is the co-founder and CMO for M.Gemi, about why the shoe is resonating so strongly with consumers. “The Cerchio is the perfect transitional shoe,” she explained. “The style works across many seasons and climates and the sleek white rubber soles pair equally well with ripped denim cut-offs or a flirty sundress. It is stylish, easy to wear and comfortable; it's basically a homerun.” Homerun, indeed.

The good news is that a restocking will occur in late March, and if you add yourself to the waitlist, you get first dibs. However, if you’re more of an instant gratification type of girl, I hear you, and rounded up a slew of similar styles below to satisfy your slip-on needs.

ADD TO WAITLIST: M. Gemi, $198

Sam Edelman Leya Faux Fur Laceless Sneaker

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $99.95

Kenneth Cole Kalvin Slip-On Nubuck Sneaker

BUY FROM: Spring, $130

Vans Classic Slip-On

BUY FROM: Zappos, $60


Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneaker

BUY FROM: Amazon, $59.95+

Tory Burch Huarache Slip-On Sneaker

BUY FROM: Zappos, $250

JSlides Annabelle Platform Sneaker

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $134.95

Gucci Dublin Tiger Skate Sneaker

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $495

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