8 Mother-Daughter Duos with *Serious* Style Game

Fabulous jeans run in their genes.

Today, we’re taking a moment to salute some of the world’s most fashionable mother-daughter duos. (And geek out over photos of North West. Win-Win.) Here’s living proof that style—and, okay, maybe a dash of help from celebrity stylists—runs in the family.

1.  Kim Kardashian & North West


She's not yet three years old, but you learn fashion fast when your mom's a Kardashian and your dad's... Kanye West. Little North West seems perfectly comfortable in big-name designer styles—and giant fur coats. (It's rumored the fur coat she rocked during fashion week went for $3,500.)

2.  Yolanda & Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has seen staggering success as a model, and she can thank what her mama gave her for that. Namely: flawless skin, legs for days, and a daring sense of style. She may have picked up some runway moves from the RHOBH star, too. (Check out these epic throwback photos of Yolanda as a model.)

3.  Lisa Bonet & Zoë Kravitz

All hail amazing bone structure. (Good lord, you two!) Zoë also picked up mom's penchant for bohemian style with a bit of rocker edge. No wonder YSL Beauty just chose her as its new muse. We hope you don't mind, YSL: she's ours, too.

4.  Lilly Rose-Depp & Vanessa Paradis

Tough to tell which is which here, right? (For the record, mom's on the right.) Paradis blessed her mini-me with a deeply romantic sense of style. These two seem like they stepped out of a rococo painting.

5.  Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe

Reese and Ava share a sweet smile, a classically feminine taste in fashion, and lustrous blond locks. Okay, so Ava's mane is pink at the moment. (But mom Reese had an experimental phase, too-- she used to drink Midori Sours!)

6.  Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Carter

Just look at those angelic smiles. And perfectly shaped eyebrows. Also, do they make Blue's feather skirt in our size?  

7.  Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

This winsome duo could write a book on effortless, California-girl style. So Kate, if you’re looking for ideas for your next best-seller

8.  Anna Wintour & Bee Schaffer

When your mother is Artistic Director of Condé Nast, incredible style is bound to happen. Like this Alexander McQueen dress, which Bee sported to the little-photographed Met Gala. (Just kidding. We were all over those shots.) 

P.S: When you're done ogling these looks, take this as your final reminder to make those fancy brunch reservations for Sunday. Because: If you end up waiting two hours for table, mom won't be mad. Just disappointed.


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