Mother-Daughter Bond Level Is Found To Determine When Daughter's Virginity Is Lost

How close a female is with her mom can be a blueprint for her sex life. 

Not like anyone wants to think of their mom when talking sex…but an interesting new study has found that one factor in how long you want to have sex depends on how close you are with your mom. 

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that girls who had better relationships with their mothers may wait longer to lose their virginity. The quality of their relationships with their fathers had no proven effect. 

“That only girls (not boys) having a higher-quality relationship with mothers were significantly less likely to have initiated early sexual intercourse,” reports the study. “Our findings suggest that a higher-quality relationship between adolescents and their parents, especially between mothers and daughters, may help to protect against early sexual initiation. Pediatricians and other health care professionals should be able to explain to parents that early sexual intercourse initiation can be associated with negative health outcomes, but that parents can play an important role in promoting healthy sexual behaviors.”

Researchers tracked 2,931 boys and girls for four years, asking about their sex lives and their relationships with their parents—once when they were 12 and then again when they were 16. 

They found that girls who described being close with their mothers were 44 percent less likely to start having sex over those four years than girls who didn't. A total of 233 of the 2,931 study participants — 77 girls and 156 boys — did start having sex between ages 12 and 15.

The study determined that moms tended to be the “primary providers of sexuality education within families,” and more often were the ones talking about sex with their daughters.

It was determined to be a positive correlation since mother-daughter conversations about sex can help girls understand STD’s and unwanted pregnancies and make better choices about their health overall. 

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