Swipe Right: This Guy is Freestyle Rapping About Giving a Cat a Bath

We think we’re in love.

Q: What is even better than a handsome man? A: A handsome man, nearly naked in a tub, giving his cat a bath, promoting animal adoption.

The latest video from MSHO The Cat Rapper, not only celebrates the joys of kitty cleanliness but also encourages cat rescuing (shouting back to his “Adopt a Cat” video). As MSHO bathes one of his “kids”—a red kitty named Ravioli—he spits rhymes like “Rub-a-dub-dub / Gotta give my cat a scrub,” and “I’m sorry but I gotta keep you clean / Ravioli, please don’t treat me mean.”

Did this video make anyone else think about leaving their husbands? No, just us? (That's a joke. [Kinda.])

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