Good News: Murdock the Blind Cat Will Decide the Election

All hail blind democracy!

From octopi predicting football matches to Corgis forecasting royal baby names, our planet has a long-standing tradition of letting animals decide our fate.

So far this election cycle, the animal kingdom has not been taking kindly to Clinton: a psychic monkey, a shark race, and some Cleveland dogs have all predicted that Trump will win the bid.

But we’re holding out to hear what Murdock the Cat has to say. A blind SPCA rescue, Murdock (literally) cannot judge by appearances; he relies on all of his other senses to help him. So his owner has been conducting a seven day poll, and thusfar it is a dead heat:

Day 1: Donald Trump

Day 2: Hillary Clinton

Day 3: Hillary Clinton

Day 4: Donald Trump

Day 5: Hillary Clinton

Day 6:

Who will Murdock pick today—and ultimately, forever? Stay tuned to his YouTube or Instagram for his Day 7 prediction! And don’t forget, it’s not too late to write in one of these dogs.

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