My Partner Is A Workaholic, What Can I Do To Become a Priority?

They put their job first, never you. 

On this season of Married To Medicine, Dr. Jackie Walters’ husband Curtis suggests they both to slow down in their careers and make more time for each other. Dr. Jackie has a heart-to-heart with him about making more time for one another about learning to balance their professional and personal lives.

“We’re working on it,” she said of the workaholic issue. “You don’t trade in your spouse for a new model. You have to keep the old one and fix it. We’re doing the mechanics on Curtis right now, and we’re working on me. We’ll see.”

“It is my life’s passion to help women who are going through breast cancer. My husband, on the other hand, has not quite understood that there are 24 hours in a day, and I do spend 16 of them doing other things…I love what I do. It requires long hours, ‘Workaholic’ has a bad name. I’m dedicated, determined, driven.”

But not every partner is so understanding of a total workaholic being their other half. What if they are spending too much time at the office, away from you, or your kids? What can you do to keep the relationship alive?

Fran Greene,  Relationship Therapist and author of The Flirting Bible has come across this problem many times in her therapy sessions. She advises the following:

1.  Focus on the positive

Enjoy the benefits of having a workaholic partner. Indulge in your lifestyle, home, car, etc.

2.  Do not be an enabler

Just because your partner works long crazy hours, do not cater to the erratic and long hours such as always arranging dinner times or taking total responsibility for the kids and your home.

3.  Enjoy your own time

Consider it a gift to be able to pursue your own interests and hobbies.

4.  Nagging never works

Express your appreciation for the work he/she does and also let your partner know what you need to feel loved and appreciated.

5.  Pick and choose social events

Let your partner know what social events you absolutely want him/her to attend with you.

6.  Plan vacations

Workaholics need to plan ahead, so make sure that vacations have adequate lead time.

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