Naughty Penguin of the Month: New Zealand Aquarium is Shaming Its Bad Animals

Oooh Timmy, you are a BAD PENGUIN.

You may recall a few years ago when Dog Shaming and Cat Shaming became the memes of the moment. The idea was to write down your pet’s bad behavior on a piece of paper, hang it around its neck like a walking billboard, and and then snap a pic for social media, effectively shaming your dog or cat in front of your entire social sphere. It was all pretty funny for a second until it died away and we all forgot about it.

Until the National Aquarium of New Zealand revived the meme in a most impressive way. Instead of some bush-league pen-and-paper sign, they created a full-fledged Shaming Board where they call out their official Naughty Penguin of the Month.

This month’s offender? Timmy. His crimes? “Stole fish” and “Pushed another penguin over.” On the National Aquarium of New Zealand’s Facebook page, the aquarium elaborated on Timmy’s behavior. (In his defense, it sounds like he’s had kind of a rough life.)

Meanwhile Betty won the coveted position of Good Penguin of the Month because she is a “Good swimmer” and “Waited patiently for fish.”

Way to go, Betty! And honestly, way to go Timmy, too. We like a penguin who knows what he wants and goes for it at all costs—wonder if he'd be interested in joining a Real Housewives franchise?

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