Are You One of Nearly Half of All Americans Who Think Scoring a Flight Deal Feels Better Than Sex?

And it's better than booze and binge watching, too.

No offense to your partner or anything — but there's a pretty good chance you get a bigger thrill from scoring a great flight deal than you do from a romp in the bedroom.

According to a survey that looked into travelers' booking sentiments, nearly half of all Americans who responded said that the feeling they get when they save money on airfare is better than sex.

Specifically, 44 percent of Americans who have booked a flight in the last year said it was better than sex, and 59 percent said it’s better than a great first date. A full 61 percent said it’s better than hanging out with friends. 

And most Americans, too, said the feeling was not only better than their relationships with other people — but also better than their relationships with other favorite national pastimes, such as booze and binge watching. Indeed, 70 percent said it gave them a better feeling than beer and wine, and 69 percent said it felt better than binge watching their favorite TV show.

It also stands to reason that scoring a great flight deal — especially in the times of complex pricing algorithms and flash sales — makes people feel smart. More than one in four respondents (28 percent) said they feel smart when they save money when booking flights, 29 percent said it makes them feel accomplished, and 37 percent said it leaves them feeling happy. (We wonder, though — who are those other 63 percent?)

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