Time to Start Saving Your Money — This Rose Gold Jet Is Everything

Because who doesn't need a shiny new toy to travel on? 

The Cobalt Valkyrie-x Private plane in rose gold may be every jetsetter's one percent-class dream. With hand-stiched cream leather interior and plenty of storage room for all your LV luggage, this beauty is polished to perfection and flies high at $1.5 million. Yeah, whatevs, totally worth it! 

The 2016 Fantasy Gifts from Neiman Marcus are full of a few other delectable traveling pieces. 

In case you're looking for his and hers, a pair of these preppy Lily Pulitzer-wrapped cars can be carried on yachts! At $65,000 each, they look like a tropical cross between a Mini Cooper and a golf car, perfect for the floral caftan and matching Insta-pictures. 

Plus, the shiny Infiniti Q60 limited edition runs at $63,000. There are only 50 of these golden babies fully loaded with illuminated kick plates and comes with a leather weekender luggage bag accessory. 

Can we dare to dream to live in this NM fantasy? Please and thank you. 

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