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Netflix Adultery Is a Thing, And People Are Fighting To Stop It

Feel like jumping ahead without your partner? Good luck.

Ever get in a fight with your significant other and they get so furious they watch your latest binge show on Netflix without you? You can see they’ve watched it, then you get furious, then you’re watching TV separately and TV is really the only thing keeping every relationship ever alive? No?

Well, it’s called Netflix Adultery, where one partner goes right ahead and plows through a series the couple normally enjoys together. And genius new technology has been invented to prevent it. 

U.K. ice cream brand Cornetto has created futuristic looking wearable technology called Commitment Rings. Each individual ring’s app links to video-streaming services for six months at a time, couples choose their favorite shows, and when the rings are close to each other, the app detects that and unblocks the series. If both rings aren’t in the room, the show is not accessible. 

TV bingers who want to purchase the rings can sign up to get them online on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cornetto is in talks to partner with different video streaming platforms.

The tagline for the ad? “Love should last longer than one season.”

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