Patriots Become First NFL Team to Buy Its Own Airplanes, Give Haters New Reason to Hate

Nothing but the best — first-class seats and a "smart toilet" — for Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots have a lot of haters — which happens when you win a lot. It also happens when you’re accused of cheating, and when your quarterback is married to Gisele Bundchen.

Now, people already prone to roll their eyes over the Patriots’ relentless winning can get ready to do it for one more reason: They’ve just become first team in the National Football League to buy their own airplanes.

Yes, according to ESPN, the Patriots purchased not one but two 767 Boeing planes, and already-flown versions of these planes might generally cost between $5 million and $65 million, while a brand-new one could cost $200 million.

Charter costs, of course, are extra — and could hit the $4 million range for the 10 roundtrips the team flies each season. To be clear, that’s just the regular season.

The team can recoup some of those costs by renting out the aircrafts when they’re not using them. And who wouldn’t want to fly on a plane all tricked out with first-class seating, and retrofitted with a "smart toilet" that measures hydration levels?

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