Some Exciting New Food Emojis Are Heading Your Way Soon (Yes, There's Pie!)

And there's a dumpling and Chinese takeout, too. 

Asking your significant other to pick up Chinese takeout is about to get a lot easier. Food & Wine reports that potentially 14 new food-related emoji will be released in June 2017, making our texting lives way more efficient and way cuter.

The most exciting additions? A dumpling, for all your dim sum excursions (though in the emoji rendering it looks a little like a stegosaurus, right?); a freshly-baked pie, still steaming from the oven; a raw steak, for when you're feeling carnivorous; and a stalk of broccoli, for when you're feeling virtuous. We like the all-purpose sandwich, too, which will come in handy next time we're picnicking or brown-bagging it. Or when we're too lazy to get off the couch to tell our SO to make us a sandwich.

Asian foods get some extra love. In addition to the dumpling (which, granted, could relate to many different nationalities), there are chopsticks, a Chinese takeout container, and a fortune cookie. Which technically isn't Asian either, but let's not quibble.

While the final emojis haven't been confirmed, we're hoping that most of these will make the cut. Though we will say, this set isn't quite as ground-breaking as the last round of food emoji additions, which included pancakes, a croissant, bacon, and the all-important avocado (who's making these decisions, anyway?). But a New York-style soft pretzel emoji, for when we're at the ball game and need to place an order with our friend waiting in the food line? We'll take it.

Image: Emojipedia

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