New Mom Says A Five-Day-a-Week Yoga Practice Led To Her Ten Minute Labor

Stretching at 38 weeks has its advantages. 

A new mommy and longtime yogi—who was doing headstands the day before she gave birth—credits the practice with her effortless 10-minute labor.

Randi Greene, 30, from Ohio, who gave birth to baby Quinn last month, documented her healthy journey on Instagram for her nearly 29,000 followers, including snaps of her in complicated poses made even harder by her growing baby bump.

She credits the stretching movements on her at with creating a deeper mind-body connection during pregnancy, and the ability to get her body into positions that would normally be very difficult.

It also helped her breathe during difficult contractions. Randi was able to do handstands up until labor and said the practice, which she did four or five days a week for an hour, gave her much needed energy.

Ten minutes!

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