New "Order a Daddy” App Allows Women to Browse For Sperm Donors By Swiping Right

Technology is making the process of having a baby easier. 

Making a baby has just gotten a whole lot easier.

British women can now get a sperm donor with just one click on a new app. 

The London Sperm Bank has launched a Tinder-style app for the phone that allows women who are seeking to get pregnant  to choose a sperm donor to father their child. The “order a daddy” app will list the men’s qualifications and let women browse for donors by looking for physical characteristics they want, like height, weight, hair and eye color. The women can also choose the donor’s level of education and pick him based upon personality traits. Donors listed on the app have a range of professions including law, medicine, finance, engineering, hospitality and performing arts.

Once they choose a donor, women pay nearly $1,000 through the mobile app for a sample of the sperm. The man is then contacted and a sperm sample is then delivered to the clinic. If the chosen donor is not immediately available, the woman can have an alert sent once the guy is available to make a donation.

London Sperm Bank, who launched the app, believes it is a first of its kind. Half of the IVF clinics in Britain are already registered to use the service. 

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