Newborn Puppy Photoshoot of the Week: Border Collie Twinsies with Tiny Wings


Last week, we blew the lid off the hottest new pet trend: Puppy photoshoots. In case you missed it, puppy photoshoots are exactly the same as those saccharine newborn baby photoshoots (think: babies in cabbages a la Anne Geddes), except they star puppies instead of babies, and therefore we are all about them.

This week’s puppy photoshoot stars twin Border Collies as photographed by Natalia Zylowska from Latent Image. The teeny-tiny floof-faces are merely two weeks (WEEKS!) old, so appropriately, Zylowska outfitted them with miniature wings. Because, of course, these puppies are literal angels that floated down from heaven when the skies opened up in an act of divinity.

You can go ahead and cry now:

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