These Adventurous Newlyweds Posed For Wedding Pics On A Molten Hot Lava Volcano

The Earth was cracking beneath them as they braved the heat.

One adventurous couple who live in Hawaii braved molten hot lava to take some seriously incredible wedding pics

Lauren Michaels and Alex Michaels, along with wedding photographer Jenna Lee hit a live volcano spewing red hot, bone melting lava for their big day. It actually took place a month after the couple’s actual wedding, when the couple told Jenna they wanted to do something “different.”

After they married in Kauai, they scheduled a day to head to Kalapana on the Big Island, but were met with an unbearable tropical storm. Instead, the three hiked nearly six miles to a black sand beach with wild horses. But, since the storm had made the lava open up and flow, they wanted to get their shot. 

Nearly a month later on August 11, the couple and Jenna again hiked out to the volcano—at 3:30 in the morning. They found the lava pool and started posing—then were met with a meteor shower making the pictures even more heightened. 

“This may be the most adventurous bridal shoot I have been a part of. These newlyweds did the 3 mile hike in, walked barefoot on sharp lava rocks, withstood the intense heat and got THE most amazing bridal portraits. Congrats Lauren and Alex,” said a caption on a video of the bride and groom in action.

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