It’s Snow! REAL SNOW! Polar Bear Celebrates First Wintry Mix at the Zoo

She’s never felt more at home!

One-year-old Nora the polar bear had a rough start in life. At just six days old, she was abandoned by her mother. Her body temperature dropped and her development stunted, so the Columbus Zoo decided to step in. She was taken to a veterinarian where she was incubated, nursed on formula, given plush toys that mimicked her mother’s fur, and hand-raised by a team of zookeepers.

Once Nora was rehabilitated (one of only five polar bears successfully raised in captivity), she was moved to the Portland Zoo (by FedEx plane, so posh!) and she has been thriving ever since.

But never has she been so happy and content as she was with her very first snowfall. Feeling chillily at home, Nora excitedly romped through the snow, playing with balls, bounding up on a hammock, and rolling around in the ice. Watch her bring a whole new meaning to winter wonderland!

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