First Fails

Comedian Nore Davis Remembers The First And Only Time He Was Arrested

"Just take your wins and go home," he says. 

Comedian Nore Davis recalls the first (and only) time he was in jail.

"It was summer 2003 I was already in a racing gang," he explains in First Fails, a collaboration with Mashable.

Nore explains that at the time, he was spending all his money on car racing, specifically engines from Japan.

"I had a hatchback, but I wanted a bigger engine from Japan for $1500, so I took the money and bought an engine," he says, and headed off to a drag race in Connecticut.

There he got involved in a race, which he quickly won, speeding on an adrenaline rush.

But then the loser of the race wanted to go again.

"We line up again," he says. "And right at 'go' the cops pull right up to my car," he says.

They slapped the handcuffs on him, and took him to the station, where he sat until his dad bailed him out.

"My dad walks in [and asks,] 'Where’s the boy at?'" he says.

After his dad scared him into never getting arrested again, Nore says the moral of the story is, "Just take your wins and go home."

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