There's Now a Dating App For...Couples?

Maybe you thought swinging, but it's something else entirely. 

Now there’s a new app called Happy Couple, which is basically the opposite of Tinder. 

The free app is designed to strengthen existing bonds between people already in established relationships. How does that work?

First, a couple enters basic information about their relationship. Do they live together? Are they long distance? Do they have kids? Then, every day, the couple is asked five multiple-choice questions in six different categories—communication, emotion, sex, responsibility, recreation and information. (The daily questions should take under five minutes to complete.)

Answering everything from questions about your sex life to favorite foods, you get feedback to determine if you are a “perfect match” or a “mismatch.”

When a couple gains points, they move up to higher levels together as a team, and each day also presents a challenge—bring your significant other a small gift, or say something thoughtful. 

When a “mismatch” presents itself, it’s a good opening for discussion. The app even provides a message center where you can direct message about it, but they suggest you talk in person and try to sort it out. 

After two weeks, if couples are playing often enough, they will have answered more than 100 questions, combined. The app is meant to spark some interesting conversations

“Discover a daily tip to boost your relationship and practice it together, or on your own, through personalized activities and challenges,” the apps site describes.

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