Now You Can Eat at a Poop-Theme Restaurant If That’s Your Thing

You can, but would you?

Later this month, Toronto expects to welcome into its Koreatown neighborhood a restaurant that is just basically one big poop joke. Yes, the Poop Café Dessert Bar, set to open mid-month, comes from owner Lien Nguyen, who thinks this is all very cute and funny and possibly also brain-expanding.

“I’m trying to make poop cute,” she told the Toronto Star, noting that she came up with the concept on a visit to Taiwan to visit her mom.

“We checked out a toilet-themed restaurant and I just loved it,” she told the Star. (Yes, there are other similar restaurants around the world, with the trend dating back over a decade.)

“It’s funny to put food and poop together; it’s a great comparison,” she told the Star. “It stayed in my mind for a long time. As soon as I finished school, I said, ‘OK, I’m going to bring the restaurant to Toronto.’”

Indeed, it turns out Nguyen is not a potty-mouthed fifth grader, but actually a recent graduate of George Brown College, where she earned credentials culinary management. So this is a poo restaurant with a legit business plan.

The menu will include traditional Asian desserts presented in nontraditional ways — such as patbingsoo, red beans with ice, in poop-like shapes. All of the menu items will be brown, shared like — well, you know — and served in dishes made to resemble toilets.

Nguyen said she hopes this whole thing can encourage “people [to change their minds about poo.” She clarified in the Star: “[It’s] considered very disgusting, [something] you can’t talk about when you’re eating.”

Well, now you can talk openly about it while you dine right here in North America… if you’re not too busy working your thumbs over the smiling-poop emoji as you caption your WTF-worthy Instagram snaps.

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