Obama Hurries Dawdling Bill Clinton Onto Air Force One: "I Gotta Get Home!"

The former president is not one to ghost.

You know when you're at a party and you came with that one friend who says a thousand goodbyes at the end so you can never leave? That friend, apparently, is Bill Clinton.

Traveling together with president Barack Obama on Air Force One, Clinton was taking his sweet time on the ground — but Obama was more than ready to get that puppy in the air.

Standing inside the aircraft and shouting to Clinton on the ground over the roar of jet engines, Obama hollered, "Bill, let's go. Let's go!"

He clapped his hands like a mom trying to hurry her kid into the carseat, and was looking pretty annoyed.

Finally, he stepped out of the plane to make himself clear: "Bill! Let's go, I gotta get home!"

Ever the diplomat, Obama took his time to wave to the crowd below — but his impatience was evident, so his greeting ended up looking insincere like Craig's mom waving to trashy neighbor Mrs. Parker in Friday.

Finally, Clinton climbed on board and the two shared a hug. All's well that ends well — but remember this next time you roll with Clinton to a party if you have a hard out.

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