This Is the Very First Thing O.J. Simpson Will Eat When He Gets Out of Prison

We're sure he's counting down the days.

It's a pretty safe bet that the food in prison isn't too tasty. Even though Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center—where O.J. Simpson has been serving time for nearly nine years—is rumored to have better-than-average fare, the menu includes typical cafeteria staples like spaghetti, tacos, and lasagna. (Not all inmates are lucky enough to get hot pizzas delivered to their jail cells.)

So after so many years behind bars, Simpson will definitely have some food cravings he'll want to satisfy once he's a free man.

So what's the first thing Simpson will eat when he's released from prison in October? “The first thing he’ll do is eat sushi and probably a steak,” his former manager Norman Pardo told PEOPLE. “You can’t keep that guy away from sushi.”

A little surf and turf seems a fitting way to celebrate his controversial parole. PEOPLE reports that Simpson plans to move to Florida, where two of his children live.

We're sure he won't have any problem finding lots of fresh sushi—and hopefully a conflict-free life—there.

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