Olivia Munn Wishes She Could Eat These Two Foods "Morning, Noon, and Night"

The actress reveals her guilty pleasure foods.

Former Maxim cover girl Olivia Munn has made a career out of looking good. And if you saw her outfit in X-Men: Apocalypse, you know it's not an easy task. When getting in shape for her role as Psylocke, she relied on tae kwon do workouts and, surprisingly, beef jerky, which is high in protein and low in sugar and carbs, she revealed in an interview with E! News. In fact, she developed such a love for dried meats that she recently invested in Chef's Cut Real Jerky (catch her commercial here).

But if Munn had free rein to eat anything without worrying about the consequences? It's all about the carbs. "When I think that I can splurge and just stay in for the whole weekend, I'd probably just eat bread and spaghetti morning, noon, and night," she admitted in a recent interview with The Feast.

Don't believe her? Let Munn clarify: "And I'm the kind of person, I can eat a dinner for breakfast, so I can eat spaghetti in the morning, for lunch, I can eat the same thing over and over and over, so I'd probably do bread and spaghetti."

Carbs all day, every day? We're right there with you.

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