Olivia Munn Would Move Somewhere That Improves on One *Teeny* Downside of Los Angeles

Tough crowd, but fair point.

Olivia Munn — fun fact — was born in Oklahoma. But since then she's very much become a California girl. 

Indeed, though she travels all around the world (sometimes with rather disastrous consequences) she's at home in Los Angeles, where her entertainment career thrives. 

But yet, she wonders... is there something more?

While Olivia is happy in L.A., she told Jet Set (clip above) at an event for Chef’s Cut Real Jerky in Los Angeles, that there might actually be a teeny bit of room for improvement, even in a city so close to perfection in many ways.

Specifically, L.A. has gorgeous beaches aplenty... but the Pacific Ocean can be cold AF.

"If I could live anywhere outside of L.A., it would probably be somewhere where I’m on a beach with warm water," she says. "L.A. has the beach... but that Pacific Ocean is pretty cold — so I would pick somewhere where I would be near warm water on the beach."

Fair enough.

Oh, and this is one more thing. She'd like it to be somewhere where "there aren’t a lot of bugs!"

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